Why was ARC created?

ARC (Assessing Residents’ CI-CARE) initially began as the HOPE Project (Help Optimize the Patient Experience) with its primary goal of improving patient satisfaction through the usage of patient surveys. Patients were surveyed about the interactions they had with their nurses and physicians.

In July of 2006, ARC officially replaced HOPE, as the organization had begun partnering with the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. These surveys provided a way of evaluating the success of CI-CARE implementation and were instrumental in emphasizing the importance of physician communication and interaction with patients and their families.

Consequently, ARC members provided the DGSOM Program Residency Directors with resident evaluations in four departments: Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics, and OBGYN. Since then, five additional departments have been added: Neurology, Family Medicine, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic and Head & Neck Surgery, bringing the total number of departments to nine.

Surveying initially began at the old UCLA Medical Center, but moved into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in 2008 when the facility became fully operational, replacing the older facilities across the street.

In April 2010, ARC extended its services to the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital. ARC continues to actively assist the Program Directors in meeting the ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) requirement for accreditation. These requirements consist of professionalism and communication, which are both very important for evaluating future physicians.

The surveys conducted by each volunteer help to conclude a 360° evaluation of our residents and provide highly reliable patient feedback about the patients’ hospital experience to the UCLA Health System Administration and to the Dean of the David Geffen School of Medicine. Currently, ARC is the only program in existence that extensively tracks this type of information and feedback.

Being such a young organization, ARC has grown quickly since its inception. Although the program has the help and support of many of the faculty and staff at UCLA, ARC is still largely student-run. From an initially small group of volunteers, ARC has grown into a fully-fledged student volunteer organization that is on the cutting edge of physician-patient communication and feedback.

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