What do ARC members do?

ARC has both volunteers and interns that help to carry out our purpose. They have separate roles and different responsibilities, but ultimately both are integral for making sure that ARC can continue to help improve overall patient satisfaction at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center & Medical Plaza and the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital.


Volunteers’ have 4 hour shifts, one a week during which they survey patients at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center or Santa Monica Orthopedic Hospital regarding their resident care. Here is a description of a typical shift:

  • First Hour
    • Sign into the volunteer computer to log your hours
    • Log onto Mainframe (the hospital’s patient database) and obtain the census documents to access patient rooms and print all necessary documents
    • Compare your census document to the volunteer’s who had the previous shift this week and look for any footnotes, updates, or previously surveyed patients to cross of your new census document.
    • Look at the Resident Survey Worksheet (a spreadsheet which documents our progress on surveying throughout the year) to determine which residents are on rotation and your interns would like you to probe patients to survey for.
    • Grab a handful of alcohol wipes, 2 pens, a clipboard, a sheet with all of the resident pictures on it, your volunteer jacket, badge, and an ample amount of blank surveys to fill out and you are ready to go!
    • Cross the street to Ronald Reagan. If you are going to Santa Monica to volunteer, you need to take the volunteer shuttle. Be aware of their pick-up times so you do not get late.
  • Second & Third Hours
    • Survey patient rooms, making sure to engage in C-ICARE (Connect, Introduce, Communicate, Ask, Respond, and Exit courteously)
    • Be sure to wipe down your resident picture sheet after every patient room with your alcohol wipes and to use the alcohol sanitizing stations to make sure you are creating a safe environment for not only the patients and staff, but also yourself.
    • Conduct the surveys one at a time while being vigilant and respective of the environment and people around you.
  • Last Hour
    • Return to the ARC office.
    • Make copies of all of your successfully completed surveys.
    • Enter them into the proper spreadsheets that your interns have prepared for you.
    • File all of your documents away accordingly and shred your census document in addition to any other paperwork that puts patient confidentiality at risk.
    • Log off of your computer and log out of the volunteer log-in center and you have successfully completed a typical ARC shift!


Interns have a very different schedule from the volunteers in the ARC program since their role consists of managing their department. This means that interns typically have a little bit of work every day of the week:

  • Monday
    • Visit the Resident Director of your specific department to deliver a comprehensive report of the previous week’s resident surveys received and statistics regarding the results.
    • Check the schedule for residents that are rotating this week to make sure your department surveys for the correct people, because the life of a resident is very unpredictable and changes happen!
  • Tuesday & Wednesday
    • Come into the office and organize paperwork and the yearly statistics for your department while providing your self as a resource to other volunteers who may have questions
  • Thursday
    • Come into the office to organize and analyze the data accrued during the week’s surveys.
    • Read over all of the data entry sheets to fix any errors your volunteers may have made and make sure all of the survey count numbers add up.
    • Prepare a comprehensive spreadsheet with the statistics that your volunteers received along with the comments regarding individual residents.
    • Make a new template for next weeks surveys on the computer and file the previous week’s documents.
  • Friday
    • Come into the office and write an official e-mail to the Resident Director of your department regarding the results from the week and any outstanding comments that the resident’s received.
    • Attach the prepared spreadsheet as a weekly report to the e-mail and send it off before 7:00 PM Friday night.
  • Saturday & Sunday
    • Compose a weekly e-mail to the volunteers of your department that contains words for improvement, successes, schedule changes, upcoming meetings, and updates about the ARC program in general. This helps the interns stay connected with their volunteers.
    • Send off an e-mail update to the Lead Intern of ARC to report department progress and any type of assistance you may require in running your department efficiently.

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