Where does ARC work?

ARC currently works in nine different departments at both the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center & Medical Plaza in Westwood and the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital. Surveys and reports are gathered and delivered to the residency program directors of each of these departments. Each of our volunteers is assigned to a team that works in one or two of each of these departments.

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery is centered at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and is a large service that surveys patients of all ages.  Despite its name, patients in this department generally have problems in their abdominal area and it is not uncommon to encounter patients with liver disorders or vascular problems.  Often patients in need of other types of surgery have already been referred to a more specific specialty.

Head and Neck Surgery 

The Department of Head and Neck Surgery is surgical speciality that services patients who need care for conditions often related to the ears, nose and throat. ARC Head and Neck surveys only at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.


The Department of Neurology is a joint department with neurosurgery but deals more specifically with disorders of the nervous system involving the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. ARC Neurology surveys both in Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the Center for the Health Sciences for patients in this department. Even though the department is spread out over different locations, neurology still remains one of ARC’s smallest departments.


The Department of Neurosurgery surveys patients who have disorders involving the brain or spinal area and have suffered from stroke, brain tumors, spinal disorders or a variety of other conditions.  Recently, ARC has been able to connect with the program directors to allow for shadowing we have set up with the department. Our interns and volunteers have greatly benefited from the opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of a day in the life of a neurosurgery resident. shadowing in neurosurgery.


Orthopaedics is one of the two departments in ARC that is centralized in Santa Monica.  The department also has a trauma center located at Ronald Reagan and ARC surveys at both of these locations.  The Department of Orthopaedics sees patients of all age groups with conditions involving musculosketal systems such as injuries involving joints, sports and the spine.
Family Medicine: The Department of Family Medicine is centered at Santa Monica Hospital.  The department focuses on primary care and services to the entire family from geriatrics to newborns.  Often patients in this department have injuries involving more specific attention by another specialist.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) focuses on mostly female care.  The ARC OB/GYN team surveys many new mothers, their spouses and family members, and other females with non-reproductive problems.  Often while surveying in this department you will see many newborn babies and smiling patients who aren’t in need of much urgent care like many of the surgical specialties.


The Department of Medicine is one of the largest services in ARC, with more than a hundred resident physicians.  This department surveys a wide variety of patients with a mix of conditions and disorders.  Patients in this department often need care in general internal medicine as well as other specialties and subspecialties, such as cardiology.


Pediatrics is centered at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the UCLA Medical Plaza. The primary focus of this department is on patients who are children.  ARC Pediatrics surveys for both inpatient and outpatient services; most inpatient children are located in Ronald Reagan, while the outpatient continuity clinic is located in the Plaza.  Because pediatrics is a department whose patients are children who often are unable to give complete answers to the survey, ARC Pediatrics usually uses patient’s parents or guardians for feedback.  Many of the patients in this department need care from a variety of programs such as cardiovascular, nutritional disorders, childhood cancer, and more.

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