1. Is the admissions process rolling?
    No, as long as you get your application to us by the deadline (August 18th), we will give you equal consideration as we do for all the other applicants.
  2. I’m a previous applicant. Is it ok for me to re-apply?
    Of course it its!  If you’re still interested, we’d love to have you apply again.  In fact, many members of ARC were accepted as re-applicants.
  3. I’m in high school.  Can I apply for ARC?
    Unfortunately, we only accept college students. Once you’re in college,  though, we’d love for you to apply.
  4. I already graduated/am enrolled in a university other than UCLA.  Can I apply?
    While ARC is geared toward UCLA undergraduates, in the past, we have accepted students that have already graduated or were not UCLA students.  We will definitely give your application consideration if you apply.
  5. Do I have to be registered with UCLA Volunteer Services or go through a general orientation to apply?
    No, we will take care of all of that for you if you’re accepted into the program.
  6. Do you have any suggestions for the essays?
    We welcome any style of essay that you want to write. Please remember that we read hundreds of these essays, so the easier and more engaging your essay is to read, the more it may stand out to the admissions committee. Also, we would much rather read essays of quality, rather than length.
  7. How do I make a curriculum vitae (CV)?
    There are many ways to format a CV.  You can easily find a template on the internet or in Microsoft Word.  As long as your CV has the necessary information, it’s fine with us.
  8. Can I include high school activities and achievements on my CV?
    Generally, it’s advised that you include things from the past four years on your CV.  If that includes high school years, then please put it on your CV.
  9. Do I have a choice on which department I get accepted to?
    Unfortunately not. We try take your preferences into consideration, but must make the best decision based on departmental and program needs, so we can’t guarantee anything.
  10. Do I have a choice on whether I’m stationed in Westwood or in Santa Monica?
    Again, we can’t guarantee anything.  If you apply, please be certain that you’re willing to work in either location.  We will however work with you to help with things such as transportation, if necessary.
  11. Do you have any other suggestions for applying?
    Make sure you know what ARC is about, and be passionate about why you want to join.  Other than that, we just want to wish you the best of luck!

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