Why should I apply?

Talk to Patients

ARC is one of the only programs at UCLA that gives undergraduates the opportunity to communicate with patients one-on-one. Patient interaction is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects in healthcare, so the experience gained from ARC is remarkably useful. The stories and conversations we see and have with patients fill our shifts with excitement and allow us to gain new perspectives on both healthcare and life.

Make a Difference

The feedback that we provide is constantly praised by the residency directors here at UCLA. Our information is used in each resident’s 360-degree evaluation, and is used for accreditation by the ACGME. As an ARC volunteer, it is always reassuring to know that your hard work is actually used as an evaluation tool and is greatly appreciated by UCLA doctors.

Be Part of a Community

Besides the medical incentives, ARC provides a close-knit community of undergraduates. The members of ARC are incredible people who provide friendships, resources, and networks that are not available to most undergraduates. ARC is a tremendous program that is truly a privilege to be a part of.

Ready to get started with ARC? Fill out an application on our How do I apply page.

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