ARC is composed of:

26 volunteers
6 Teams
9 Departments
13 Interns
1 Lead Intern
Virgie Mosley, Program Director
Linda Gonzalez, Administrative Analyst

Lead Intern
Chris Hamad

Medicine Interns
Jeet Das
Kellyn Hori
Matthew Low

Pediatrics Interns
Hannah Bell
Divya Prajapati

Pediatrics Hospitalists
Claire Samuelson

Surgery/Head & Neck Interns
Ruchi Desai
Maral Sakayan

Orthopaedics/Family Medicine Interns
Nicolas Cevallos
Lushin Huey

Neurosurgery/Neurology Interns
Sonia Iyengar
Jae Kim

OB/GYN Interns
Malia Skjefte
Erin Solis


Previous Interns
Nousha Hefzi (Lead Intern 2011-2013)
Timothy Wen (Lead Intern 2008-2010)
Kristin Toy (Lead Intern 2010-2011)
Ann Wang (Medicine Intern 2010-2012)
Daniel Kronenberg (Medicine Intern 2011-2012)
Shan Aggarwal (Neurosurgery/Neurology Intern 2011-2012)
Avani Vachhani (Surgery/Head & Neck Intern 2010-2012)
Brian Huang (Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery Intern 2007-2010)
Andrew Chiu (OB/GYN, Neurosurgery, Surgery, and Orthopaedic Surgery Intern 2008-2011)
Lucy Wu (OB/GYN and Neurosurgery Intern 2007-2009)

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