ARC Leaders

Lead Intern
Aram Namavar
Aram Namavar is currently a Master of Science in Global Medicine student at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and the Lead Intern of ARC. Aram is a recent graduate from UCLA with a degree in Integrative Biology & Physiology. This is his third year in the ARC Medical Program where he was previously a volunteer in the Orthopaedics/Family Medicine Department and an Intern for the Neurosurgery/Neurology Departments. Aram chose to be a member of the ARC Program because he thoroughly enjoys interacting with the patients while learning the intangibles of being a successful physician. He hopes that he can apply what the patients tell him regarding the care they are receiving to his future career as a primary care physician. Currently, Aram is the President and Medical Consultant of Summa Academic Consulting, a boutique academic consulting firm that he founded in 2013. Aram also serves as an Alumni Advisor to Medical Friends and the Pre-Medical Peer Association. Aram held numerous leadership positions with the following organizations while at UCLA: Pre-Medical Peer Association, Health Bruins, Medical Friends, Bruins in Arete. Aram has research experience with the Center for Human Nutrition and worked as a Sports Medicine Intern for the UCLA Athletics Department; specifically, the UCLA Football and Track & Field teams. When Aram is not studying or at the Ronald Reagan Hospital, he can be found hanging out with his friends around LA.


Medicine Interns
Jeet Das
Jeet Das is a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Physiological Science. He has been in ARC for the past two years, spending both with the Medicine department. Jeet plans todownload
attend medical school in the future, and ARC has been crucial in teaching him what makes a good doctor. He enjoys hearing the many stories that patients have, while also hearing
about the moments that make patients feel like they are more than just a number. What he will remember most from his time in ARC are the moments he spent with patients who needed someone to hear them or wanted to share particularly meaningful interactions with doctors. Jeet also takes part in organizations that offer free tutoring sessions, fight homelessness, and promote healthier lifestyles on campus. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, the violin, and making time-lapse videos.


Kellyn Hori
Kellyn Hori is a fourth-year student at UCLA pursuing a degree in physiological science with a minor in public health. This is her third year in ARC where she was a volunteer in OB/GYN/Urology and Medicine departments and now an intern for Medicine. She believeMessages Image(2339584041)s ARC has been an amazing experience and she appreciates the opportunity to interact
with patients and learn their needs and stories in a medical setting. Within ARC, Kellyn is actively involved with Admissions, Training, Mentorship, and Philanthropy Committees. At UCLA Kellyn also serves as the Secretary of Bruin Belles Service Association and as a Site Coordinator for T.E.A.C.H., volunteering in the greater Los Angeles community for both organizations. When she has the time, Kellyn loves to play volleyball and explore the Los Angeles area with her friends.


Matt Low
Matt Low is currently a Senior at UCLA and has been an active member of the ARC Medical Program since his second year. He was previously a volunteer in the Orthopaedics/Family Medicine Department and is returning as an Intern for the second time for the Internal Medicine Department. Matt opted to join ARC because of the opportunity to engage with real patients and contribute his communication skills to further the mission of ARC in Matt-Individualimproving patient care. Through his experiences, he hopes to garner all of the feedback he has received from patients regarding their care and fuse this with his treatment of his own patients in the future. For Matt, ARC has been an incredibly educational program that has allowed him to grow as a prospective medical professional in addition to improving his abilities to communicate, adapt to unexpected situations, and handle stress while under pressure. Although ARC consistently requires a significant amount of commitment and discipline of its volunteers, it is a program that has challenged Matt in multiple facets: and for that he is thankful. Outside of ARC at UCLA, Matt is involved with being a Resident Assistant for UCLA’s Residential Life, Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Health Fraternity), F.I.S.H. (Fellowship for International Health). In his free time, he enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, checking off bucket list items, and watching the NBA (LeBron James) and NFL.

Pediatrics Interns
Hannah Bell
Hannah Bell is currently a Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology major at UCLA in her fourth year.  This is her fourth year in the ARC medical program, as she was a volunteer in Pediatrics and Surgery, and Pediatrics intern last year as well.  Hannah is part of ARC because she enjoys the ability to interact directly with patients, and improve patient care through surveying. ARC has allowed Hannah to listen to the stories of many patients and learn what is valuable to a patient in his or her physician.   Hannah is extremely involved in a microbiology lab on campus, is a member of Bruin Belles Service Association, and is an editor for the Undergraduate Science Journal.  She is currently applying to MD/PhD programs across the country.


Divya Prajapati
Divya Prajapati is a second year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major. This is also her second year volunteering in the Pediatrics Department at RRUMC with ARC IMG_8029 (2)Medical Program. While Divya initially joined ARC for clinical experience, she now understands the importance of patient-centered health care. In addition,  Divya has developed professional communication skills (in English and Spanish), advocated for patient’s concerns, and identified which qualities patients truly value in their physicians. After listening to often incredible patient stories, Divya discovered her passion for effectively educating residents and leveling healthcare inequities. She now aspires to teach residents and pursue public health projects as an attending physician in the future. Beyond her shifts, Divya also enjoyed contributing to and presenting ARC’s clinical research at UCLA’s Research Poster Day and interacting with ARC’s fun and supportive community. Outside ARC, Divya loves talking to friends, reading fiction, and exploring LA’s landmarks.


Surgey/Head and Neck Interns
Ruchi Desai
Ruchi Desai is currently a fourth year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major and Biomedical Research minor at UCLA. This is her fourth year in ARC and her second year as intern for the General Surgery/Head and Neck Department. ARC has provided unnamedRuchi with the opportunity to directly interact with patients and understand the importance of effective communication between patients and physicians. Through ARC, Ruchi has gained invaluable insight into the medical system and has been inspired to work harder towards her goal of one day becoming a successful physician. Outside of ARC, Ruchi is the Finance Director and a writer for the SWC Total Wellness Magazine, a member of Fellowship for International Service and Health (FISH), and an undergraduate researcher in the Quinlan lab in UCLA’s Chemistry and Biochemistry department. In her free time Ruchi enjoys reading, dancing, and spending quality time with her family and friends.


Caresse Vuong
Caresse Vuong is currently a third-year pre-med undergraduate at UCLA majoring in Physiological Sciences. This is also her third year as a volunteer for ARC, but her first year as an intern. She will be an intern for the Surgery/Head & Neck Department and is excited for this opportunity. Caresse joined ARC for the meaningful patient interactions and their mission to better patient-doctor communication and will continue to strive towards these goals. At UCLA, Caresse is the Retention Coordinator for the Vietnamese Student Union, overseeing their graduation retention project, Southeast Asian Center for Learning Education and Retention. She is also the Vice-Director for the Basic Life Support Program in Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society. In addition, she assists with the research of Dr. Scott Fears on the neurological correlation of bipolar disorder. Her undergraduate experience at UCLA solidified Caresse’s passion for her community, healthcare, and how they intertwine. She hopes to become a doctor in the future to give back to the community that has given her so much by volunteering for a health clinic in Westminster and participating in Doctors Without Borders.


Orthopaedics/Family Medicine Interns
Nick Cevallos
Nick is currently a rising second year majoring Human Biology and Society with a minor in Education Studies hoping to pursue a career in medicine. This is his second year in the ARC Medical Program where he was previously a volunteer in the Orthopaedics/Family Medicine 16730442_1417130838318669_6987571747070021974_nDepartment. Nick thoroughly enjoys working at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica where he is able to connect and interact with patients from all walks of life, from children to the elderly he enjoys striking conversations and trying to find new ways to improve patient-physician communication. He hopes that he can apply the invaluable lessons he has learned from patients to his aspiring career as a physician. Outside of ARC, Nick is a CPR/First Aid Instructor under the Student Wellness Commission and enjoys teaching life-saving skills throughout the year. He also works as a Recreation Aide back in his home town of Chula Vista, and is currently doing Orthopaedic Surgery research doing for the Bernthal Lab. In his free time, Nick loves to play basketball, marvel at pug or any other kind of memes, play Pokemon Go, and go adventuring with his friends and family in San Diego or Los Angeles.


Colin Shew
Colin Shew is one of the current interns for Orthopaedics and Family Medicine at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. This is his third year in ARC, where he has also had great experiences volunteering for the departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. He a third-year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major who comes from Gilroy, California. Colin plays the trumpet and has been active in music groups on campus, including the UCLA Bruin Marching Band, symphony, wind ensemble, and brass ensemble. In his free time he also enjoys swimming, skiing, and finding good places to eat.


Neurosurgery/Neurology Interns
James Haggerty-Skeans
James Haggerty-Skeans is a current third-year Neuroscience major hoping to pursue a career in medicine. This is his third year in the ARC Medical Program, having volunteered in the Neurology/Neurosurgery departments for two, and this year, he will be serving as the intern for Neurology/Neurosurgery. James values, with high regard, the experiences he has had with patients while at the hospital, and continues to gain exposure to a variety of different clinical environments. Aside from participating in ARC, James conducts research on spinal cord injury and axonal regeneration under the mentorship of Dr. Patricia E. Phelps. He also volunteers, educating children on the importance of preventative health, around the city of Los Angeles.


Sarah Barritt
Sarah Barritt is currently a second year Human Biology and Society, B.S. Major and pre-med student at UCLA. This is her second year in ARC where she had previously been a volunteer in the department of pediatrics before taking on the position of intern for the department of Neurosurgery and Neurology. During her time at ARC Sarah has had many gratifying experiences interacting with patients and has been able to witness first-hand the importance of extreme trust and sensitivity in the doctor-patient bond. Beyond the duties as a member of ARC, this program has helped her to grow as a person and to develop close friendships. Currently, Sarah also spends her time working as Head of Marketing for the Jersey Mikes Subs in Westwood, is a volunteer with Invisible Children, and is a research assistant working to improve epilepsy diagnosis with the UCLA Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. In her free time, she loves to read, watch movies, and go on adventures with her friends.


OB/GYN & Urology Interns
Malia Skjefte
Malia Skjefte is a second-year Psychobiology major with a Spanish minor. During her first year, Malia volunteered with the Orthopedics/ Family Medicine Departments, and she will be continuing her involvement in ARC this year as an intern for OBGYN/Urology. After medical school, she plans to pursue a career involving global health, such as Doctors Without Borders, where she can utilize her Spanish knowledge to bridge the doctor/patient interaction. When she is not studying or volunteering, Malia enjoys to find new hiking spots around LA, go to Alternative Rock concerts, and travel. You can also find her working at Hedrick Hall, where she currently holds a front desk position. As a First Year, ARC definitely eased her transition into life here at UCLA. This program has provided her with countless patient interactions and resources that have in turn inspired my career plans. She thinks ARC is the whole package, for participation in this program includes not only a valuable volunteer opportunity collecting surveys, but a chance to network with fellow UCLA students, shadow and listen to medical professionals, gain research credit, and immerse oneself in the hospital setting.


Erin Solis
Erin Solis is starting her fourth year at UCLA as a biology major. When she isn’t busy with school or extracurriculars, Erin enjoys being out in the sun, taking part in any aquatic ARC headshotactivities, and exploring LA for the best things to eat. This is her third year in ARC, and her first year being an Intern for the OB/GYN and Urology department. Her first two years
were spent volunteering for the OB department as well. She had heard about the ARC program from several people already involved and decided to look into it. After hearing about what the program did, Erin knew that it was definitely something that she wanted to be a part of, as she wanted to get more out of her regular hospital volunteering position. Erin has gained incredible skills as well as insight into the minds of many patients, and she finds this aspect the most rewarding. The fact that ARC gives people the opportunity to get actively involved in the improvement of the patient experience. This is what Erin appreciates most about the program, and she is very grateful for the experience she has been given.

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