Although ARC is primarily a volunteer group that provides patient feedback – in the form of survey responses – to the UCLA Health System and the UCLA DGSOM, it is much more than simply a surveying service.

Unique Patient Interaction

In the hospital, volunteers have the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with patients and their family members. Just like any nurse, physician or other hospital staff member, ARC volunteers encounter a variety of patient experiences on the floors each shift.

“It has been so rewarding to be able to speak with so many different patients about so many different issues—about their concerns and their fears, what they are pleased with, and simply about their lives. Generally, the patients care deeply about the surveys that we come in to do. They are delighted that someone is asking for their direct opinion and that we genuinely want to hear about their opinions regarding their residents’ communication skills.”
– Naomi Boyd, ’09

“Being isolated and sometimes neglected in a lonely room can be quite traumatic to some patients. No wonder patients open up so quickly with an outpouring of emotion whenever they participate in a survey. All it takes is an open ear for volunteers and doctors to serve their patients that much better.”
– Stephen Tse, ’09

ARC Family

Although ARC volunteers generally survey their patients individually, each volunteer is an important member of the ARC family and we at ARC stress a strong sense of camaraderie within the entire group. After the monthly general meetings, there are often all-ARC socials in which ARCers will go ice skating, laser tagging or simply out to dinner together in Westwood. The department teams will also have their own socials and get-togethers to increase the group spirit within each team. Finally, at the end of the year, we always have a banquet where we enjoy a delicious meal together and celebrate all of the success we have achieved throughout the year. Indeed, here at ARC, we firmly believe in having not just a group, but a family, of volunteers, and many former members can attest to experiencing such camaraderie.

“Not only has ARC taught me important skills in the medical field, but it also has allowed me to meet an amazing group of people. As interesting and innovative as the program is, it would definitely not be the same without this wonderful, smart, funny and dedicated group of people that I work with. I feel honored to work and be part of such a remarkable group of college students.”
– Tim Wen, ’10

Special Opportunities

In addition to one-on-one patient interactions, ARC volunteers can also have the opportunity to:

  • Hear the personal stories of current UCLA resident/attending physicians and medical students
  • Shadow Neurosurgery residents during rounds
  • Work closely with resident coordinators and attending physicians
  • Attend UCLA Health System Quality Forums and other special Health System meetings

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